Airship: Pure Game
My roles: Product Designer, UX Researcher, UX Strategist
This was a multi-part project including problem and solution validation and design for a mobile app, complimenting website and ticketing system surrounding high school sports games.
While at Airship, I was the Lead Product Designer and only design individual contributor at that time for the company. We would do a solution and (when needed) problem validation intense 3 week session for each project that included deep stakeholder interviews, user interviews and usability testing (as needed), market research, solution discovery and visual design.
My role in this specifically was to lead the project both from the perspective of Product Design and UX Research but also to work heavily with the client, engineering and Product Owner to define the user, problem, solutions as well as to help write user stories, create the roadmap and vision for the product.
The Problem
Fans of pro sports have many options to stay up to date on details such as scores and team and player stats. High school sports however still have a lot of opportunity to provide fans with such information. Some challenges in this include budgets at schools to provide such information, differences in school policies and personnel and availability of volunteers to assist in management of team, game and player details.
The User(s)
We determined that there were 4 primary users of the products as a whole:
  • The Fan: primary user of the app
  • The Super Admin: Pure Game admins who need the ability to manage ads, users and (for MVP) enter app data
  • Team Admin: Typically a parent volunteer who needs to be able to manage ads, users and game/player/team information
  • School Admin: Often a coach or assistant coach who can assist with managing game details such as scores, schedules
The Process
This was a 3-part process including multiple mapping sessions to discover and outline potential solutions for the mobile app, website and a mobile ticketing system (later determined to not be part of the initial phase).
Small portion of wireflows in the solution validation phase
We launched the mobile app first which currently has a 4.9 rating in the app store and positive reviews. The website followed and both required the necessary backend tool for admins to manage to data. Next steps included automating these process to reduce the load on the admins of managing and inputting information manually, something we’d decided to do early on to keep the timeline and cost inline with the client’s goals as well as with the expectation that early adoption would be manageable amounts of team, game and player information.
Final Result
Portion of original high fidelity designs for mobile – light and dark themes. View this app in the app store.

Holly Reynolds